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Name: Panagiotis Papaspiliopoulos
Date: 11 May 2022
Affiliation: Greek GP
1. Are the individual script proposals created by the Generation Panels (available here) correctly integrated into RZ-LGR-5?
Summary of Submission

The validation test files were reviewed and all valid/invalid labels were as expected. The variant test files were also reviewed. Additional test cases were added and checked extensively. All of the variant generation tests resulted as expected. I take the opprtunity to congratulate the Armenian, Latin, Cyrillic, Japanese, Korean and Myanmar GPs whose LGRs have been integrated in version 5. I would like to stress the good cooperation with the Latin and the Cyrillic GPs and, of course the Integration Panel for its valuable guidance. Last but not least, I would like to thank Sarmad and Pitinan for their patience, kindness and support during the process.