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RegistryPro Contract Amendments

Open: 14 March 08
Closed: 10 April 08

Explanation:RegistryPro has asked for several changes to be made to the contact it has for the .pro registry.

There are four proposed contract amendments - that can be seen in greater detail on the official announcement webpage for this comment period:

1. Expansion of third-level registrations e.g. to additional professions
2. Registration of second-level domains to licensed individuals
3. Retain second-level registrations for those eligible to fit within two or more professions
4. Registrants required to signs and abide by Terms of Use

The purpose of the changes was outlined in a letter [pdf] to ICANN, received 12 March. For precise changes see the redlined Appendix L [pdf] to RegisterPro’s contract incorporating changes to the naming conventions and registration requirements; and redlined Appendix F [pdf] including the proposed Terms of Use provisions.

These changes are being posted for public comment prior to consideration by the Board.

Staff member responsible: Craig Schwartz

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