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Name: Jeffrey Reberry
Date:24 Oct 2021
Affiliation: TurnCommerce Inc.
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Summary of Attachment

Attached is TurnCommerce’s Inc. comment to the Interim Report.

Summary of Submission

We are confused why all of this work and effort has been put into this new proposed policy considering IGO-INGO’s already have access to the UDRP system. We don’t understand the problem this working group is attempting to solve.

We also do not support removing mutual jurisdiction or support ICANN offering immunity if the IGO-INGO has elected to initiate a UDRP or URS proceeding. We do not support forcing arbitration – as this would give an advantage to IGO-INGO’s.

Most importantly, we are concerned that registrants were not involved in making such one-sided policies, and are deeply concerned that registrants rights under the law would be taken away.