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CRAI Report on gTLD Registries and Registrars

Open: 24 October 08
Closed: 8 December 08
Extended to
15 December 08

Explanation: ICANN has received a report today, issued by CRA International, titled "Revisiting Vertical Separation of Registries and Registrars" [PDF, 493K].

ICANN requested CRAI to perform economic research pursuant to two resolutions of the ICANN Board of Directors: 1) the 18 October 2006 resolution of ICANN’s Board of Directors seeking more information relating to the registry and registrar marketplace; and, 2) the 26 June 2008 resolution of ICANN’s Board, directing the development and completion of a detailed implementation plan for the new gTLD Policy.

Staff member responsible: Kurt Pritz

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