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Amendment of the GNSO Operating Procedures on the 2010 Selection Process for ICANN Board Seat 13

Open: 28 January 2010
Closed: 18 February 2010

Explanation/Background: The ICANN Bylaws specify that the GNSO has the right to select two individuals to serve on the ICANN Board, commonly referred to as Board Seats 13 and 14. Under the Bylaws, the Contracted Party House selects Board Seat 13, and the Non-Contracted Party House selects Board Seat 14.

On 28 January 2010, the GNSO Council approved the process proposed by the Contracted Party House to select a representative to fill Board Seat 13 for the 2010 election, and amended its Operating Procedures to include this process and timeline. Because the current term for Board Seat 13 expires at the end of April 2010, the GNSO Council is proposing an expedited process for the 2010 selection of Board Seat 13, but has also specifically reserved the right to modify the election procedures before the nomination period expires if public comments raise issues or matter that merit changes to the adopted processes. The GNSO Council also tasked the GNSO Operations Work Team with the responsibility of developing the procedures for future selection of Board Seats 13 and 14 to be included in the GNSO Operating Procedures.

Staff member responsible: Margie Milam

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