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How to catch up on every major policy issue before Nairobi

2 de marzo de 2010
Por Scott Pinzon

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Whether you intend to participate in the upcoming Nairobi meeting in person or remotely, you’re not alone if you feel under-prepared. The ICANN community has a huge number of important issues working their way through the policy development process (PDP), and it’s tough to track them all. It almost makes you wish you could sit some policy experts down and say, “I haven’t got all day, so give me the executive briefing, short and sweet!”

If you relate to that feeling, you’ll be glad to learn that before each international meeting, staff members on ICANN’s Policy Team assemble a high-level presentation recapping the state of every major issue in policy development. The briefing involves all Supporting Organizations at ICANN, so whether your primary concern is generic domain names, country code domain names, or the oft-overlooked-but-oh-so-necessary numbers and addresses, you can rapidly learn the status of key issues.

The pre-Nairobi Policy Update Webinar happened last week, but if you missed it, don’t worry: we recoreded the entire 90-minute session. You can see and hear the presentation just as if you had participated in it live. And if the presentation raises questions in your mind, the Policy Team always answers inquiries that you email to

You might think 90 minutes is not a “short and sweet” briefing. But wait until you see how many issues we recap: everything from GNSO Improvements, to the usual list of alphabet-issues (spelled out in the briefing): IRTP, RAP, PEDNR, RAA, STI, ASNs, Whois, the recently initiated PDP on Vertical Integration, and more.

If you’d love a one-stop resource for quickly getting the lay of the land before meeting your ICANN colleagues in Nairobi, this is a must-see presentation. Simply point your browser here and sit back for your whirlwind tour: .


Scott Pinzon