We Need Your Input to Change the ICANN Website

28 de julio de 2006

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The ICANN web site needs to be changed. It needs to be more accessible. It needs to better reflect the needs of users. The best way to do that is to get your input, comment and advice.

A workspace has been created as a forum for you to contribute, by providing suggestions and feedback. All ideas to change the ICANN web site can be discussed within the workspace.

You will see that the workspace allows for immediate changes and longer term changes. That's because in the spirit of working participation, we hope to make these changes to the website a work in progress. We hope some changes will occur quickly by agreement, while others may take more consideration.

We are doing this because we want the ICANN web site to work for you and reflect the interests of the ICANN community. John Crain, ICANN's Chief Technology Officer, will act as 'gardener' for the workspace.

Please add your voice to its redevelopment.

Paul Levins
Executive Officer and Vice President, Corporate Affairs