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ICANN Convenes Redemption Grace Period Technical Steering Group

4 de abril de 2002

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In February, ICANN posted a proposal for establishment of a "Redemption Grace Period" to create a safety net to protect registrants against inadvertently deleted domain names in the generic top-level domains, such as .com, .biz, .info, and .net. Under the proposal, deleted names would be placed in a hold status for a thirty-day period, during which the registrant could reclaim the name if the deletion was unintended.

At its meeting in Accra, Ghana on 14 March 2002, the ICANN Board adopted resolution 02.45, providing for the convening of a technical steering group in order "to develop a concrete proposal implementing the Redemption Grace Period Proposal, to be considered by the Board at a later meeting after posting on the ICANN web site and an opportunity for public comment."

The following technical personnel from registrars and registry operators have agreed to volunteer their time as members of the group:

  • Jordyn Buchanan (
  • Hong Liu (NeuLevel)
  • Steve Mahlstedt (Verisign Global Registry Services)
  • Ram Mohan (Afilias)
  • Bruce Tonkin (Melbourne IT)
  • Rick Wesson (Alice's Registry)

Once this group completes the concrete implementation proposal, it will be posted for public comment and then considered by the ICANN Board. ICANN thanks the members of this group for volunteering their time to this project.