Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC)

The SSAC is a volunteer group of specialists in the technical security field that provides advice and insight to the ICANN community and the Board.

SSAC Activities

This page lists the SSAC Activity Reports that describe projects and issues the committee is currently studying, and the SSAC meetings planned during ICANN Public Meetings.

SSAC advisories and reports may be related to data and events that cannot be disclosed at the time of the occurrence or while the committee is studying an issue. For this reason, the SSAC may not always be able to list all of its current work in the SSAC Activity Reports. Previous SSAC Work Plans are available in this archive.

SSAC Public Report: SSAC Activities at ICANN Meeting 7-12 March 2010, Nairobi Kenya (English) (pdf, 112.53 KB)

This an SSAC Public Report on the SSAC Activities at the ICANN Meeting from 7-12 March 2010, in Nairobi, Kenya. It is divided into the following sections: SSAC Meetings and SSAC-Related Meetings. The first section, SSAC Meetings, describes the planned SSAC meetings scheduled at the upcoming ICANN meeting. The second section, SSAC-Related Meetings, describes all other meetings that are related to SSAC activities or to the security and stability of the Internet.

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Feb 2010