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gTLD Registry Agreements establish the rights, duties, liabilities, and obligations ICANN requires of registry operators to run gTLDs.

Amendment No. 3 to the .TEL Registry Agreement

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Amendment No. 3 to the .TEL Registry Agreement
(17 November 2010)

ICANN and Telnic Ltd. agree that that the following modifications are made to Appendices 6 and 7 of the 30 May 2006 .TEL Registry Agreement:

  1. The Parties agree that Appendix 6 to the Agreement is hereby deleted in its entirety and replaced with a new Appendix 6, in the form attached hereto.

  2. The Parties agree to the following modifications to Appendix 7:

    [new text]

    9. .TEL One and Two Character Allocation Program

    Registry Operator will develop a plan to allocate one and two-character .TEL domain names as described in Appendix 6, Part B (the "Allocation Program"). Registry Operator reserves the right to not allocate all single and two-character .TEL domain names.

    Pursuant to the Allocation Program, Registry Operator may elect to allocate the domain names by applying one or more the following processes: 1) request for proposals and allocation based on evaluation criteria, 2) first come, first served for a premium price, or 3) first come, first served registration.

The Parties have duly executed this Amendment as of the date first written below.


By: _______________________________

Name: Kurt Pritz

Title: Senior Vice President, Services

Date: _____________________________


By: _______________________________

Name: Khashayar Mahdavi

Title: Chief Executive Officer

Date: _____________________________




Appendix 6 to .TEL Registry Agreement
(17 November 2010)


Schedule of Reserved Names

Except to the extent that ICANN otherwise expressly authorizes in writing, the Registry Operator shall reserve (i.e., Registry Operator shall not delegate, use or otherwise make available such labels to itself or any third party, but may register such labels in its own name in order to withhold them from delegation or use) names formed with the following labels from initial (i.e., other than renewal) registration within the TLD:

A. Labels Reserved at All Levels. The following names shall be reserved at the second level and at all other levels within the TLD at which Registry Operator makes registrations:

ICANN-related names:

  • aso
  • gnso
  • icann
  • internic
  • ccnso

IANA-related names:

  • afrinic
  • apnic
  • arin
  • example
  • gtld-servers
  • iab
  • iana
  • iana-servers
  • iesg
  • ietf
  • irtf
  • istf
  • lacnic
  • latnic
  • rfc-editor
  • ripe
  • root-servers

B. Additional Second-Level Reservations. In addition, the following names shall be reserved at the second level:

  • All single and two-character numeric labels.
  • All single-character ASCII labels, except those registered through ICANN-accredited registrars pursuant to the implementation of the Allocation Program described in Appendix 7.
  • All two-character ASCII labels that match an existing two-character country-code, except those registered through ICANN-accredited registrars pursuant to the implementation of the Allocation Program described in Appendix 7 and for which Registry Operator has reached an agreement with the applicable government or country-code manager, or with the ISO 3166 maintenance agency, whichever is responsible for the ccTLD that corresponds to such label. The Registry Operator may also propose release of these labels based on its implementation of measures to avoid confusion with the corresponding country codes.

C. Tagged Domain Names. All labels with hyphens in the third and fourth character positions (e.g., "bq--1k2n4h4b" or "xn--ndk061n")

D. Second-Level Reservations for Registry Operations. The following names are reserved for use in connection with the operation of the registry for the TLD. Registry Operator may use them, but upon conclusion of Registry Operator's designation as of the registry for the TLD they shall be transferred as specified by ICANN:

  • nic
  • whois
  • www

E. Geographic and Geopolitical Names. All geographic and geopolitical names contained in the ISO 3166-1 list from time to time shall initially be reserved at both the second level and at all other levels within the TLD at which the Registry Operator provides for registrations. All names shall be reserved both in English and in all related official languages.

In addition, Registry Operator shall reserve names of territories, distinct economies, and other geographic and geopolitical names as ICANN may direct from time to time. Such names shall be reserved from registration during any sunrise period, and shall be registered in ICANN's name prior to start-up and open registration in the TLD. Registry Operator shall post and maintain an updated listing of all such names on its website, which list shall be subject to change at ICANN's direction. Upon determination by ICANN of appropriate standards and qualifications for registration following input from interested parties in the Internet community, such names may be approved for registration to the appropriate authoritative body.

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