Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) Registry Agreements

gTLD Registry Agreements establish the rights, duties, liabilities, and obligations ICANN requires of registry operators to run gTLDs.

.pro Registry Agreement (Signed 3 May 2002)

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.pro Registry Agreement
(Signed 3 May 2002)


On 3 May 2002, ICANN and RegistryPro, Inc. entered into an Unsponsored Registry Agreement under which RegistryPro operates the .pro top-level domain. The agreement and its appendices may be viewed by following the links below:

.pro Registry Agreement (Note: ICANN approved the assignment of this agreement to Registry Services Corporation on 18 February 2004)

Amendment No. 1 to .PRO Registry Agreement (21 May 2004)

Amendment No. 2 to .PRO Registry Agreement (30 September 2004)

Amendment No. 3 to .PRO Registry Agreement (22 February 2008)

Amendment No. 4 to .PRO Registry Agreement (30 April 2008) [PDF, 17K]

Amendment No. 5 to .PRO Registry Agreement (16 July 2009)

Amendment No. 6 to .PRO Registry Agreement (2 November 2009)


  • A:
Format and Technical Requirements for Requests to Change TLD Nameservers
  • B:
Format and Technical Requirements for Requests to Change TLD Contact Information
  • C:
Functional Specifications
  • D:
Performance Specifications
  • E:
Service-Level Agreement
  • F:
Registry-Registrar Agreement
  • G:
Fees for Registry Services
  • H:
Equivalent Access Certification
  • I:
Registry Code of Conduct
  • J:
Start-Up Plan
  • K:
Names Reserved from Registration
  • L:
Registration Restrictions
  • M:
Enforcement of Registration Restrictions
  • N:
TLD Zone-File Access Agreement
  • O:
Specification—Public Whois
  • P:
Whois Data Specification—Independent Whois Provider
  • Q:
Whois Data Specification—ICANN
  • R:
Data Escrow Specification
  • S:
Data Escrow Agreement
  • T:
Monthly Registry Reports
  • U:
Proof-of-Concept Reports
  • V:
Initial Consensus Policies
  • W:
Additional Covenants
  • X:
Registry Operator's Domain Names
  • Y:
Sanctions Program


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