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.museum TLD Sponsorship Agreement

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.museum TLD Sponsorship Agreement

(Signed 17 October 2001)

On 17 October 2001, ICANN and the Museum Domain Management Association (MuseDoma) entered into a TLD Sponsorship Agreement under which MuseDoma sponsors the .museum top-level domain. Generally speaking, a "sponsored" TLD is a specialized TLD that has a sponsor representing the particular community that is most affected by the TLD. The sponsor carries out delegated policy-formulation responsibilities over many matters concerning the TLD. The .museum TLD Sponsorship Agreement and its attachments may be viewed by following the links below:

TLD Sponsorship Agreement
Amendment No. 1 to Sponsorship Agreement [PDF, 8K]
Amendment No. 2 to Sponsorship Agreement [PDF, 12K]


  • Attachment 1
.museum Charter
  • Attachment 2
Delegated Authority
  • Attachment 3
Format and Technical Requirements for Requests to Change TLD Nameservers
  • Attachment 4
Format and Technical Requirements for Requests to Change TLD Contact Information
  • Attachment 5
Description of Sponsored TLD Community
  • Attachment 6
Minimum ICANN-Required Functional Specifications for Registry Services
  • Attachment 7
Minimum ICANN-Required Performance Specifications for Registry Services
  • Attachment 8
Start-Up Plan
  • Attachment 9
Selection of Registrars
  • Attachment 10
Minimum Commitments Required of Registered Name Holders
  • Attachment 11
Schedule of Reserved Names
  • Attachment 12
Challenges to Registrations in Violation of Charter
  • Attachment 13
Sponsor's Domain Names Registered Directly with Registry Operator
  • Attachment 14
TLD Zone-File Access Agreement
  • Attachment 15
Public Whois Specification
  • Attachment 16
Whois Data Specification—Provider Access
  • Attachment 17
Whois Data Specification—ICANN Access
  • Attachment 18
Data Escrow Format, Content, Schedule, and Procedure
  • Attachment 19
Data Escrow Agreement
  • Attachment 20
Sponsor's Monthly Reports
  • Attachment 21
Proof-of-Concept Reports
  • Attachment 22
ICANN Baseline Policies
  • Attachment 23
Additional Covenants

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