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TNO Report Describing Root Scaling Model

Open: 1 October 09
Closed: 29 November 09

Explanation/Background: ICANN has published a report prepared by TNO entitled "Root Scaling Study: Description of the DNS Root Scaling Model" [PDF, 677 KB]. TNO (Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research) is an independent research organization based in Delft, Netherlands ( This report is an additional product of the root scaling study led by Lyman Chapin of Interisle Consulting, and complements the "Scaling the Root" report [PDF, 1,340 KB] published on 18 September 2009. The TNO report describes the characteristics of a quantitative model developed by TNO for dynamic analysis of root scaling issues. The TNO model and simulation system are undergoing verification.

ICANN is soliciting public comment on both reports. The Root Scaling Steering Group is evaluating these reports and plans to provide an evaluation and recommendations for the Board and the public.

Staff member responsible: John Crain

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