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Security & Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) Retreat

Open: 18 August 09
Closed: 8 September 09


ICANN’s Security & Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) is proposing to hold a retreat 30 September — 1 October 2009. The retreat would inform SSAC members, and help the committee prioritize its activities and prepare a work plan. SSAC would appreciate receiving input on the proposed retreat, including substantive items you think merit SSAC attention.

In particular, SSAC requests comments on the proposed topics for the retreat:

1) SSAC Operations and Coordination

  • SSAC Charter, Member Roles, Workflow
  • SSAC Review Outcomes, Engagement with ICANN Bodies

2) Substantive/Informational Issues

  • Registrant Protection & Abusive Behavior
  • DNS as an Attack Vector
  • SSAC/ICANN Role in Routing
  • Root Server System Robustness & its Future
  • Security & Stability of the Internet (Gaming & Structural Issues with ICANN Rules)

In addition, to assist the SSAC in long-term planning and operational efficiencies, SSAC solicits comments on other issues that might be useful to discuss in depth at the retreat. The SSAC welcomes these and other comments on the proposed retreat.

The Process from Here:

SSAC will review and consider the comments submitted as part of its final planning and retreat proposal.

Staff Responsible: Julie Hedlund

Deadline and How to Submit Comments:

Staff is opening a 21-day public comment forum, from 18 August 2009 through 08 September 2009.

To submit comments: Please send via email to

To view comments: An archive of all comments received will be publicly posted at

Staff member responsible: Julie Hedlund

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