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Request for Information on Domain Tasting

Open: 10 August 07
Closed: 15 September 07

Explanation: In view of the increase in domain tasting, the GNSO Council recently considered an Issues Report on Domain Tasting [pdf] and resolved to form an ad hoc group for further fact-finding on the effects of this practice.

The ad hoc group has prepared a Request for Information [pdf] to assist in gathering facts and opinions, while inviting both qualitative and quantitative input (question FAQ here).

The easiest method of providing your answers and comments, and information related to this RFI, is via the electronic survey available at this link. Responses made to the survey, updated in real time, are available here.

The group would especially appreciate statistical and other empirical evidence to support your responses, or references to potential sources of information.

Update (5 Sep):The Intellectual Property Constituency has prepared more questions to gather facts and opinions about domain tasting from its members, trademark owners, and their representatives. The results will be provided in aggregate form to the ad hoc group as additional qualitative and quantitative input.

The IPC’s supplemental RFI was designed and written in full by IPC members and is available as an online survey here. The survey will end on 20 September 07 at 11.59pm EST.

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