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Recommendation on Reconsideration Request 10-1

Open: 19 April 2010
Closed: 19 May 2010

Explanation/Background: During the 12 March 2010 Board meeting in Nairobi, the Board adopted the Board Governance Committee's recommendation in response to Reconsideration Request 10-1. The recommendation called for an amendment of Article III, section 5 of the ICANN Bylaws to require the posting of Board approved resolutions within two (2) business days after the conclusion of each Board meeting and the posting of the preliminary report within seven (7) business days after the conclusion of each Board meeting.

As the BGC stated, this modification will strengthen ICANN's transparency and accountability, reducing the time for the posting of resolutions, providing the community with information on the resolutions passed by the Board days in advance of the time now required under the Bylaws. Further, with that prompt posting of resolutions the BGC recommended, and the Board agreed, that the time for posting of the preliminary report be expanded by two business.

The relevant portion of the proposed Bylaws revisions, in redline for ease of review, can be found at [PDF, 68 KB].

While the proposed revised Bylaws language was contained in the Recommendation, the proposed revisions being posted for public comment have been slightly revised to ensure specificity of the deadlines in an effort to avoid ambiguity.

Staff member responsible: Amy A. Stathos

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