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Public Comment is a vital part of our multistakeholder model. It provides a mechanism for stakeholders to have their opinions and recommendations formally and publicly documented. It is an opportunity for the ICANN community to effect change and improve policies and operations.

Proposed Top-Level Domain String for Private Use

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What We Need Your Input On

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has made a provisional determination that “.INTERNAL” should be reserved for private-use and internal network applications. Prior to review and approval of this reservation by the ICANN Board, we are seeking feedback on whether the selection complies with the specified procedure from SAC113, and any other observations that this string would be an inappropriate selection for this purpose.

Proposals For Your Input
Identification of a top-level domain for private use (pdf, 37.28 KB)


In September 2020 the Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) published SAC113: SSAC Advisory on Private-Use TLDs, recommending that the ICANN Board ensure a string is identified and reserved at the top level of the Domain Name System (DNS) for private use, and that this particular string must never be delegated. Please read SAC113 for a detailed background of the problem of private-use Top-Level Domains (TLDs) and how implementing this recommendation might help alleviate that problem.

In September 2022, the ICANN Board passed Resolution 2022.09.22.08 directing ICANN org to create an initial procedure, hold a Public Comment proceeding, and report the results of the proceeding. A Public Comment proceeding was held, and the ICANN Board subsequently directed ICANN in Resolution 2023.09.10.09 to “assess SAC113 candidate strings using the assessment criteria IANA has developed.” This assessment has been performed and identified “INTERNAL” as the preferred candidate string for reservation at the top-level of the DNS namespace.

This Public Comment proceeding is “to gather feedback on whether the string proposed by IANA meets the criteria defined in SAC113 Section 4.1,” in accordance with the aforementioned resolution.

Next Steps

ICANN org will consider all comments submitted during this Public Comment proceeding. Based on the comments, it may update its evaluation on the identified candidate string. The outcome of the Public Comment proceeding will be provided to the ICANN Board for consideration to reserve the string or take alternate action.

Supporting Information

This additional information from ICANN org provides more context for this Public Comment Proceeding and may help you review the proposals for input and publish a submission.

Supporting Information
SAC113: SSAC Advisory on Private-Use TLDs (pdf, 469.27 KB)