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Proposed Global Policy for Remaining IPv4 Address Space

Open: 5 February 09
Closed: 26 February 09

Explanation: On 4 February 2009, the Chair of the Address Supporting Organization Address Council forwarded a Proposed Global Policy for Remaining IPv4 Address Space, for ratification by the ICANN Board. Essentially, the proposal states that each Regional Internet Registry, RIR, be allocated one /8 IPv4 address block when the IANA free pool of IPv4 address space reaches five remaining /8 blocks. For the full text of the proposal click here.

The development of Global Internet Number Resource Policies is the subject of an MoU, known as the ASO MoU, between the RIRs/NRO and ICANN. There are also specific ICANN Board Procedures for handling global policy proposals in this context. In line with the procedures, a final call for public comments is now open until 26 February 2009.

Staff member responsible: Olof Nordling

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