Public Comment

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Name: Hiro Hotta
Date:4 Oct 2021
Affiliation: Japanese Generation Panel
1. Overall, does the proposal meet its goal of defining Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) labels for the Latin script that are suitable for the root zone?
2. In your view, are there any required technical changes to the proposal? Please list them and include explanations.

No need to change.

Other Comments

I appreciate the opportunity to comment on the Latin Script RZ-LGR proposal. 

First of all, on behalf of Japanese Generation Panel, let me congratulate the completion of the Latin Script RZ-LGR proposal.

As the proposal document says, the Latin Script is used by many countries, territories, cultures, languages and so on. As Chair of a Generation Panel with similar situation, although our script may be loaded with less diversity, I can imagine the difficulties the Latin Script GP has experienced in coordinating and dealing with such diversity.

I believe the proposal developed by the Latin Script GP is mope than reasonable through thoughtful consideration. 

Hiro Hotta, 

Chair. Japanese Generation Panel

Summary of Submission

I think this proposal developed by the Latin Script GP is reasonable enough to go into RZ-LGR.