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Name: Nat Cohen
Date:15 Apr 2022
Affiliation: Telepathy, Inc.
Summary of Attachment

The attachment is in addition to the summary public comment.

Summary of Submission

The UDRP is due for an update. 

The UDRP as originally drafted has proven itself to be an effective tool for combatting cybersquatting.  Yet the UDRP should be updated to account for the changes to the DNS that have occurred in the over 20 years since it was adopted.  Further, the current version of the UDRP is a first release of a policy that has left several critical areas unaddressed for decades.

The review is an opportunity for all stakeholders to preserve the essentials of the UDRP while exploring areas to improve the UDRP for the benefit of all who are affected by the policy. There are opportunities to reduce the burden and increase the efficacy of the UDRP for brand owners. There are opportunities to clarify the legitimate rights of good faith participants in the domain name secondary market. There are opportunities to address unfinished work in developing procedures to enhance the robustness, consistency, quality and fairness of the Policy.

The upcoming review is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve the UDRP. It would be a shame to waste this opportunity.

The attached submission discusses these opportunities in greater depth.