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Neustar New Registry Service

Open: 08 June 07
Closed: 29 June 07
Explanation:There is a proposed amendment to implement a new registry service by NeuStar. The service will offer Bulk Transfer After Partial Portfolio Acquisition (BTAPPA) to consenting registrars where one ICANN-accredited registrar purchases a portion but not all, of another ICANN-accredited registrar’s domain name portfolio in the .Biz top-level domain. NeuStar requested approval of the registry service at the request of two registrars.

ICANN’s Board of Directors by a 11-0 vote approved Resolution 06.85 to implement the service. The resolution authorized the President and General Counsel to enter into an amendment of the .BIZ Registry Agreement with NeuLevel (now named NeuStar). ICANN and NeuStar have negotiated an amendment to implement the approved service. Under NeuStar’s Terms of Service for BTAPPA [pdf], protections for registrants may include:

  • The Gaining and Losing Registrars must have ICANN accreditation for .Biz at the time the Transfer Request is submitted.
  • The Gaining and Losing Registrars must each have a Registrar Agreement in effect with NeuStar and must be in good standing.
  • The losing registrar shall provide to all domain name registrants involved in the bulk transfer 15 days advance written notice of the bulk change of sponsorship.

The amendment provides for a new Section 7 in Appendix 7 of the .Biz Registry Agreement. The process for considering new registry services can be seen here. Absent significant objections, ICANN will enter into this amendment following the public comment period. All documentation regarding this approved service and corresponding comment fora is available here.

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