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Initial Report on Proposals for Improvements to the RAA

Open: 28 May 2010
Closed: 9 July 10 Extended to 30 July 10

Explanation/Background: The Joint GNSO/ALAC RAA Drafting Team is seeking comments on its Initial Report on Improvements to the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) [PDF, 3.24 MB].

In March 2007, Dr. Paul Twomey called for a comprehensive review of the RAA and the accreditation process. The results of that review ultimately produced a new form of RAA (2009 RAA) which was approved by the GNSO Council and the At-Large Advisory Committee, and adopted by the ICANN Board. In approving the 2009 RAA, the GNSO Council conditioned its recommendation on the beginning of work on further RAA amendments.

The Initial Report describes the recommendations from the joint GNSO/ALAC RAA Drafting Team regarding (i) the proposed form of a Registrant Rights and Responsibilities Charter, and (ii) potential topics for additional amendments to the RAA, as well as a proposal for next steps for the GNSO Council to consider in determining whether to recommend a new form RAA to be adopted by the ICANN Board.

This public comment forum is an opportunity to comment on any of the proposals for improvements to the RAA described in the Initial Report.

Staff member responsible: Margie Milam

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