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Global Policy Proposal Recovered IPv4 Address Space

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Brief Overview
Originating Organization: Address Supporting Organization
Categories/Tags: Internet Protocol Addressing
Purpose (Brief): A Global Policy Proposal has been received by the ICANN Board for ratification. Comments are invited to inform the ICANN Board prior to the Board’s decision regarding ratification of the Proposal.
Current Status: Proposal adopted by all RIRs, verified by NRO EC and ASO AC, submitted for ratification
Next Steps: Ratification by the ICANN Board and implementation by ICANN in the performance of the IANA Functions
Staff Contact: Olof Nordling Email: olof.nordling@icann.org
Detailed Information
Section I: Description, Explanation, and Purpose
A Global Policy Proposal has been received for ratification by the ICANN Board. The purpose of the proposal is to enable handling of IPv4 address blocks returned from any RIR and redistribution of such address blocks to the RIRs, with smaller minimum block sizes than in the existing IPv4 allocation policy. Comments are invited to inform the ICANN Board prior to the Board’s decision regarding ratification of the Proposal.
Section II: Background

The top level of the IPv4 address space was fully allocated in February 2011. The Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) have developed a policy proposal to enable redistribution of IPv4 address space returned to that pool. The proposal has been adopted by all RIRs, verified by the NRO EC and ASO AC, and submitted to the ICANN Board in line with the provisions of the ASO MoU and applicable procedures.

Section III: Document and Resource Links

Proposal text: http://www.icann.org/en/news/in-focus/global-addressing/proposal-allocation-ipv4-post-exhaust-14mar12-en.txt [TXT, 3 KB]
Background report: http://www.icann.org/en/announcements/announcement-26apr11-en.htm
ASO MoU: http://archive.icann.org/en/aso/aso-mou-29oct04.htm
Board's review procedures: http://www.icann.org/en/news/in-focus/global-addressing/review-procedures
ASO website with proposal overview: http://aso.icann.org/global-policy-proposals/

Section IV: Additional Information

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