Special Meeting of the Board Preliminary Report 4 May 2000

At its meeting on 4 May 2000, the ICANN Board of Directors adopted resolutions on three matters, as follows:

Approval of Minutes

RESOLVED [00.29] that the Minutes of the Meeting of the Board for February 10, March 10, and April 6, 2000, are hereby approved and adopted by the Board as presented.

Recommendation of the Reconsideration Committee

RESOLVED [00.30] that, for the reasons set forth in the Reconsideration Committee's Recommendation RC 99-4, the Board denies the request for reconsideration submitted by Karl Auerbach on November 17, 2000.

Temporary Nominating and Election Committees for At-Large Director Selection

Whereas, at its meeting in Cairo on 10 March 2000 the Board determined that five At-Large Directors should be selected by a process involving a Nominating Committee and a direct ballot by qualified ICANN non-statutory members, such Directors to be seated at the conclusion of the annual meeting in 2000;

RESOLVED [00.31] that there shall be a temporary committee called the Nominating Committee, which shall consist of Linda Wilson (Chair), Jean-François Abramatic, Mads Bryde Andersen, John Klensin, Jun Murai, Charles Musisi, and Alejandro Pisanty. The committee shall have the following charter:

"There shall be a Nominating Committee responsible for nominating a set of candidates for five At-Large Director seats, to be placed on the ballot for consideration and selection by the At-Large members of ICANN in the year 2000. The Nominating Committee will solicit and accept recommendations for candidates from the global Internet community. The Nominating Committee may also affirmatively recruit candidates for nomination."

RESOLVED FURTHER [00.32] that there shall be a temporary committee called the Election committee, which shall consist of Greg Crew (Chair), Charles Costello, Lorrie Faith Cranor, Patrik Fältström, Ken Fockler, Hans Kraaijenbrink, and Nguyen Huu Dong. The committee shall have the following charter:

"There shall be an At-Large Election Committee responsible for recommending to the Board for its approval procedures regarding the At Large elections, including campaigning, voting, measures to prevent fraud, etc. The committee will also be responsible for oversight and monitoring of those processes. The committee shall operate to the extent practical in an open and transparent manner, giving due regard to protecting the confidentiality of private information of ICANN At-Large members, proprietary information of election companies, and other matters (such as certain information regarding anti-fraud measures) that should be kept confidential to promote the committee's mission."

RESOLVED FURTHER [00.33] that these temporary committees shall serve pursuant to their charters and will cease to exist as soon as they have carried out the functions identified in their charters, which shall be no later than the sooner of (a) the seating of the five At-Large Directors to be selected by 1 November 2000 or (b) 1 January 2001. Each committee may establish its own rules and procedures, which must be consistent with its charter and the Corporation's bylaws as they exist from time to time.