[Draft] Voting Transcript of Board Meeting

1:00 p.m. PDT.

(Meeting commenced.)

(Roll taken.)

(Discussion off the record.)

Corporate Officer Signing Authorities

>>VINT CERF: In that case, I would like to go on the record and I would request that one of the board members place a resolution on the table for authorizing the new signing authorities matrix.

>> HAGEN HULTZSCH: Since Njeri is not available -- or, Njeri, are you, meantime, available?

>>SUSAN CRAWFORD: I don't believe she's on.

>>VINT CERF: She's not on so, Hagen, would you like to put this on the agenda officially?

>> HAGEN HULTZSCH: I would like to put the motion, to put it for resolution.

>>VENI MARKOVSKI: Veni seconds.

>>VINT CERF: Thank you, Veni. Is there any further discussion of this motion which, if approved, will adjust the authority for expenditure as proposed by the staff? I won't repeat all of the details because they will be included in the minutes.

So is there any further discussion of this proposal?

Okay. In that case, I'll call for a vote. All those in favor, please say aye.

>> Aye.

>>VINT CERF: Any opposed? Is there any abstention?

Okay. Mr. Secretary, the proposal is approved.

>>VINT CERF: The next item on the agenda, specifically an expenditure, interestingly enough under our current -- just recently adopted procedures, wouldn't require board authority but we'll handle it anyway.

This is -- We'll go off the record again now.

(Discussion off the record.)

Payment of Legal Expenses

>>VINT CERF: We're on the record now voting for a request to expend $116,762.52 in payment for legal expenses by Jones Day.

Let me ask for a board member to place in motion a request to authorize this expenditure. Is there a board member who will put this on the table?

>> HAGEN HULTZSCH: If nobody else volunteers, I would put the motion. This is Hagen.

>>VINT CERF: Is there a second?

>>JOICHI ITO: Joi seconds.

>>VINT CERF: Thank you. Is there any further discussion of this expenditure for Jones Day legal services?

All right. If not, this is a roll-call vote. Raimundo, how do you vote?


>>VINT CERF: Vint Cerf votes yes. Susan?


>>VINT CERF: Let's see. Peter?


>>VINT CERF: Demi?


>>VINT CERF: Hagen?


>>VINT CERF: Joichi Ito?


>>VINT CERF: Veni?


>>VINT CERF: Alejandro?


>>VINT CERF: Good. Hualin Qian? Not on. Njeri Rionge. Not on.

Rita, how do you vote?


>>VINT CERF: Vanda is not on. Paul Twomey, how do you vote?


>>VINT CERF: And Dave Wodelet, how do you vote?


>>VINT CERF: All right. Mr. Secretary, the expenditure is authorized, and we'll go off the record.

(Discussion off the record.)

sTLD Agreement with .ASIA (DotAsia Organisation Limited)

>>VINT CERF: Let me go on the record now asking for a board member to place a resolution on the table --

>>RAIMUNDO BECA: Raimundo.


>>VINT CERF: I didn't hear what you said. Go ahead.

>>PETER DENGATE THRUSH: That's Peter. I would like to move the motion.

>>VINT CERF: I didn't even get a chance to finish which motion I wanted you to put on the table.

All right. So, Peter, you are putting a motion on the table authorizing the staff to conclude the contract with dot Asia for its sTLD operation; is that correct?

>>PETER DENGATE THRUSH: Thank you, yes.

>>VINT CERF: May I have a second for the dot Asia resolution?

>>RAIMUNDO BECA: Raimundo.

>>VINT CERF: Raimundo seconds. Thank you.

In that case, let me ask if there is any further discussion of the resolution to authorize staff to conclude an agreement with dot Asia.

If no further discussion, I am going to make this a roll-call vote also, just for clarity's sake.

Raimundo, how do you vote?

>>RAIMUNDO BECA: In favor.

>>VINT CERF: In favor.

Vint Cerf votes in favor.

Susan Crawford.

>>SUSAN CRAWFORD: Vint, I vote in favor. I would like the minutes to reflect that I do not want to get in the way of opening up dot Asia, but that the idea of a sponsored TLD called dot Asia makes little sense, and the notion that ICANN could police such a sponsorship makes less sense.

I wish we could drop the entire notion of sponsored TLDs, but this process for dot Asia has already taken far too long. I don't want to get in the way. I hope we can move forward swiftly with a process for new gTLDs that is far more standardized and lightweight and offers a standard contract along the lines I will suggest in connection with biz, org, and info.


>>VINT CERF: Peter, how do you vote?

>>PETER DENGATE THRUSH: I vote in favor, and I would like to also endorse what Susan has said and to say in relation to this application that it has seemed to me on occasion that the approach has been overly cautious, particularly in relation to geographic significance.

And I congratulate the applicants on achieving this and for bearing with us through the process.

>>VINT CERF: Let's see. Alex Pisanty, how do you vote?

>>ALEJANDRO PISANTY: I vote in favor.

I vote in favor.

>>VENI MARKOVSKI: He said in favor, Vint.

>>VINT CERF: Yes, I heard it. Thank you.

Is Hualin Qian on the call?


>> HAGEN HULTZSCH: Couldn't hear you for a while.

>>VINT CERF: We will as assume Rita is not available, then.

>>RITA RODIN: Sorry, Vint, I am on. I just couldn't hear you.

>>VINT CERF: The dot Asia proposal.

>> HAGEN HULTZSCH: Vint, the last one we could hear was your call for Hualin.

>>VINT CERF: I skipped over a whole bunch of people. I'm sorry. Don't worry.

Rita, how are you going to vote?

>>RITA RODIN: I am going to vote in favor, Vint.

>>VINT CERF: Thank you. Let me go back up to Demi. How do you vote?

>>DEMI GETSCHKO: I vote in favor but I share the concerns Susan raised about the fact that this is not really a sponsored top-level domain. But anyway, I vote in favor.

>>VINT CERF: Okay. Well, the definition of sponsored top-level domain is, in a sense, defined by whatever we included in that category, so we could argue over that, but it ended up as one of the proposals that we approved. So in some sense, it's self-defining, but I understand your concern.

Hagen , how do you vote?


>>VINT CERF: Joichi Ito.


>>VINT CERF: Veni Markovski.

>>VENI MARKOVSKI: I also vote in favor and I just want to say that I hope that ICANN will be able to introduce new top-level domains, as many as possible and as fast as possible, and we are not going to have more (inaudible) top-level domains which will take too much time to establish. I have always voted in favor for new top-level domains, so I am keeping to my policy on that.

>>VINT CERF: Thank you, Veni. Paul Twomey, how do you vote?

>>PAUL TWOMEY: I vote in favor and would like to make two observations in supporting my vote, about my vote.

First of all, I would like to note that the applicant has done a lot of communications and a lot of interactions with the CC and other communities of the geographic region and also with the governments of the geographic region. That has been part of the cause for delay here, but I think it also has, with the feedback that they have received through that process, has been an important part of our moving forward and proceeding here, at least as far as I'm concerned. So I think that's an important point, and I thank the applicant for their perseverance and understanding in that process.

The second point, just to put it on the record, is while I note what some of my fellow directors have said about sponsored top-level domains, at least as it applies to dot Asia, I would make the observation that it is pointed out to myself on regular basis from some of the existing sponsored top-level domains how important and how valuable they find this sponsored type structure for top-level domain is for particular types of structured communities.

And I do think that there is some value in that, and I hope we don't -- we don't lose sight of there, in certain circumstances, there has seen to be value in such a structure.

Thank you.

>>VINT CERF: Thank you, Paul. Dave Wodelet, how do you vote?

>>DAVE WODELET: I vote in favor, Vint.

>>VINT CERF: Thank you.

All right. Mr. Secretary, the motion passes, and staff is now authorized to conclude the agreement with the dot Asia operator.

We'll go off the record now to --

>> Vint.

>>NJERI RIONGE: Vint, no, no. Vint, I haven't got my vote in yet. This is Njeri.

>>VINT CERF: I didn't know you came on.

>>NJERI RIONGE: Yes, I came on.

>>VINT CERF: Are you prepared to vote?

>>NJERI RIONGE: Yes. And I vote yes.

>>VINT CERF: Vote yes. All right. Thank you very much, Njeri. Glad to have you on the call. I skipped over you before because we tried a few times and I didn't hear you.

Okay. Thank you for that.

Let's move on now to -- We're off the record again.

(Discussion off the record.)

Economic Study of Proposed Registry Agreements

>>VINT CERF: We're on the record to put on the table a resolution which would permit the staff to continue its negotiations with the three registries for dot -- help, dot org --

>>VENI MARKOVSKI: Dot biz and dot info.

>>VINT CERF: Thank you. With regard to issues and concerns expressed by the board during the course of this conference call. And, second, to authorize the staff to initiate a market analysis explaining for everyone, including the board, in more detail the nature of this market and the important effects that pricing and other considerations have on it.

So I'll ask that a board member place by reference that resolution on the table.

>>SUSAN CRAWFORD: So moved. This is Susan.

>>VINT CERF: Thank you, Susan.

Is there a second?

>> HAGEN HULTZSCH: Hagen seconds.

>>VINT CERF: Hagen.

Because I am no longer sure who all we have on the board I am going to take a quick roll call.



>>VINT CERF: And I take it that "yes" means not only you are there but that you vote yes.

>>RAIMUNDO BECA: Both, both, both.

>>VINT CERF: This is Vint Cerf, I vote yes.


>>SUSAN CRAWFORD: I vote yes.

>>VINT CERF: Thank you. Peter? Peter Dengate Thrush?


>>VINT CERF: I hear a yes. Okay.

Demi Getschko.


>>VINT CERF: Hagen.


>>VINT CERF: Joichi?


>>VINT CERF: Thank you.


>>VENI MARKOVSKI: I'm here but I'm not sure if I should not abstain because of the dot org.

>>VINT CERF: I think that this particular matter, I believe that you don't have a problem.

Susan, as the COI person, do you see any problem with Veni voting on this?

>>SUSAN CRAWFORD: Since, Vint, all this resolution is doing is authorizing the staff to continue negotiating, I don't see an actual conflict here.

>>JOHN JEFFREY: I agree.

>>VINT CERF: Veni, do you want to vote?

>>VENI MARKOVSKI: Yes, I vote yes.

>>VINT CERF: Alex?


>>VINT CERF: Thank you. Njeri Rionge? Njeri, are you on?

Well, not anymore.

Rita is not on. She is off on a plane by now.

And Paul Twomey?


>>VINT CERF: Thank you.

Dave Wodelet.


(Discussion off the record.)

(Meeting adjourned at 3:02 p.m.)