Agenda | ICANN Regular Board Meeting 27 March 2014

Consent Agenda:

  1. Approval of Minutes of 7 February and 17 February 2014 Meetings of the ICANN Board

  2. Redelegation of the .VG domain representing the British Virgin Islands

  3. Redelegation of the .ZM domain representing Zambia

  4. SAC 062 Advisory on Name Collision

  5. Collection of Metrics to Examine Impact of New gTLDs on Competition, Consumer Choice and Trust

  6. Composition of the Board Working Group on Nominating Committee

  7. Board-GAC Recommendation Implementation Working Group

  8. Thank You to Sponsors of ICANN 49 Meeting

  9. Thank You to Interpreters, Staff, Event & Hotel Teams of ICANN 49 Meeting

  10. Thank You to Local Hosts of ICANN 49 Meeting

Main Agenda:

  1. ATRT2 Final Recommendations

  2. Recognition of Community Members

  3. AOB

Published on 24 March 2014