Board Meeting - Agenda 25 June 2010

  1. Consent Agenda:
    1. Approval of Minutes of 22 April 2010 Board Meeting
    2. Thank You's
    3. Extension of Time for GNSO Constituencies to Review Charters
    4. From the Board Governance Committee - Slating of Board Committees
    5. IDN Delegation Approvals

Main Agenda:

  1. Further Review of ICM's Request for XXX Sponsored Top Level Domain
  2. From the Board Governance & Compensation Committees – Consideration of Posting of Bylaw Changes relating to Chair Remuneration for Public Comment
  3. From the Finance Committee
    1. Adoption of FY11 Budget
    2. New gTLD Budget for discussion
  4. New gTLDs Update Arising from Discussions in Brussels
  5. Issues Arising from the Brussels Meeting
  6. Any Other Business