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Zoom Security Update

10 October 2019
By Ashwin Rangan

Zoom recently added new settings to increase security and ensure meeting privacy. These new settings will enforce a password on all new meetings scheduled, but will not affect meetings that have been scheduled prior to 29 September 2019.

The only participants who will be required to enter a password are those who join a meeting via the Zoom app and manually type in the meeting ID. Participants who join a meeting via a link in a calendar or e-mail invitation will not be required to enter the password upon joining, as it is included in the URL by default. To learn more about the new settings, please visit the Zoom Help Center and read the FAQ here.

At the recommendation of ICANN’s internal InfoSec team, these new settings will be enabled immediately. Because the vast majority of ICANN meeting participants join via invitation links, we expect the impact on community members and staff to be minimal.

Please reply here or contact the Meetings Technical Services team directly at mts@icann.org if you have any questions or concerns regarding this update.


Ashwin Rangan

Ashwin Rangan