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Vertical Integration Options Report Available to Community

8 March 2010

The paper entitled “Registry-Registrar Separation: Vertical Integration Options” [PDF, 44K] was produced for review by the ICANN Board during its 4 February 2010 Board Meeting (as was discussed in the preliminary report of that meeting at http://www.icann.org/en/minutes/prelim-report-04feb10-en.htm). It was requested that the paper be produced to the community to provide further information on this topic.

As a result of discussions surrounding the implementation of the new gTLD policy recommendations, ICANN Staff commissioned an economic review of vertical integration issues relating to new gTLDs in the registry and registrar marketplace. ICANN engaged Steven Salop (Professor of Economics and Law, Georgetown University Law Center) and Joshua Wright (Assistant Professor of Law and Economics, George Mason University) were selected for their notable reputations and diversity of viewpoints in the issue area. They have also participated and presented in an ICANN Meeting forum in Sydney, Australia.

The report is being produced for public consideration as part of the broader dialogue and inputs on the related issues. The ICANN Board assented to the publication of the report during its workshop in Nairobi on 7 March 2010. It is important to note that publication of the report should not be considered as a validation of the information or positions contained therein. Also, it is not offered as the viewpoint of ICANN, the ICANN Board of Directors or ICANN Management, but is being offered to inform the public debate on the topic.


John Jeffrey

John Jeffrey

General Counsel and Secretary