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ICANN's Strategic Outlook Program Helps Identify Trends to Meet Challenges & Opportunities Ahead

25 June 2018

As ICANN62 gets underway, I wanted to share a quick update with you on the progress being made in ICANN's Strategic Outlook Program, a key part of developing the next ICANN strategic plan. As you may have heard Göran Marby and Cherine Chalaby mention before, long-term strategic planning is important for ICANN to navigate its way moving into the future. The Strategic Outlook Program is a key tool designed to help in this effort.

The Strategic Outlook Program is a joint effort between the ICANN organization, the community and the Board to identify and track trends that relate to ICANN and its mission to make sure that these opportunities and challenges are incorporated into ICANN's current and future strategy. You may have already participated in one of the Trends Identification sessions or you may be planning to participate in one during ICANN62. So far, this year ICANN org has conducted 17 sessions with the community, organization, and Board and we have eight more sessions scheduled to take place with different community stakeholder groups at ICANN62.

The results of this ongoing annual effort will also serve as input for the revision of ICANN's five-year strategic plan, which then provides a framework for our operational planning work. We plan to establish regular communications to the community of the planning activities underway.

We look forward to keeping you updated on the progress of this effort. Thank you for your time and interest.


Theresa Swinehart

Theresa Swinehart

SVP, Global Domains & Strategy