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ICANN Launches Reports on the Enforcement of DNS Abuse Requirements

28 June 2024

ICANN Contractual Compliance (Compliance) has begun publishing reports related to the enforcement of the new Domain Name System (DNS) abuse mitigation requirements. Our newly launched reports contain a significant amount of data captured from received complaints and the related enforcement actions.

The new reports can be found on the dedicated webpage. Compliance has also redesigned the layout of its landing webpage and added a link to its DNS abuse enforcement reports on the main page.

The reports are broken out by the type of DNS abuse reported. Each report details the number of reported instances of phishing, malware, botnets, pharming, and spam used to deliver DNS abuse as well as how these were addressed. The reports do not focus on the number of individual complaints received, as often one individual complaint involves multiple DNS abuse types and domain names.

To illustrate historical trends over time, the reports will be published as a 12-month rolling series, updated every month. To align with the effective date and relevant DNS abuse data that was captured, April 2024 will remain the starting date for the reports until 12 months have passed (March 2025).

Before launching the new reports, we provided an update on the enforcement of the DNS abuse requirements during the Contracted Parties Summit in May 2024. We also published a blog with a summary of enforcement actions and outcomes in June 2024. In addition to publishing our more detailed reports each month, we intend to continue providing these brief updates with highlights of enforcement actions and outcomes regularly.

As always, we are interested in community feedback on Contractual Compliance reporting. Please send your comments and suggestions concerning the reports to compliance@icann.org with the subject line, "Contractual Compliance DNS Abuse Reporting Feedback." We will consider all feedback and implement additional enhancements to our metrics and reporting, where feasible.


Leticia Castillo-Sojo

Sr. Director, Contractual Compliance