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FY19 Community Regional Outreach Program (CROP) Ready for Use by Eligible ICANN Communities

3 July 2018
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The Global Stakeholder Engagement (GSE) and Policy teams are pleased to report that the Community Regional Outreach Program (CROP) FY19 is ready for the ICANN community to use as of 3 July 2018.

Following community consultations and Public Comments on the Draft FY19 Operating Plan and Budget, the ICANN Board allocated USD 50,000 for CROP in the final FY19 budget. To ensure that support for community outreach efforts remains within the appropriate budget framework while balancing the program goals, the ICANN organization was directed to review the existing CROP guidelines and develop improved, additional criteria for FY19. The ICANN org has also been tasked with assessing the CROP process at the end of FY19.

The final FY19 CROP guidelines are consistent with the other community travel and outreach programs that the ICANN org administers. Accordingly, the fundamental principle is that CROP funding is to be used for FY19 outreach efforts that are directly and demonstrably related to ongoing ICANN policy, technical, and advisory activities, in accordance with the new CROP guidelines and additional specific criteria.

The new CROP allocates up to three regional trips to each of the five Regional At-Large Organizations (RALOs) and each eligible constituency in the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) – Business Constituency (BC), Intellectual Property Constituency (IPC), Internet Service Providers and Connectivity Providers Constituency (ISPCP), Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC), and Not-for-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency (NPOC). With a few specific exceptions as detailed in the new guidelines, these allocations are to be used mainly for outreach activities at ICANN Public Meetings in the relevant region or official regional meetings organized by the ICANN org.

As was previously the case, each eligible community group must have in place a relevant outreach strategic plan. Under the new CROP guidelines, the plan must address certain specific additional requirements. As before, trip requests need to be submitted at least six weeks prior to travel dates. In addition, the relevant regional GSE vice president must approve the request at least five working days before the six-week travel deadline.

We invite you to browse through the CROP FY19 space and the CROP Procedures and Guidelines page to familiarize yourself with the updated program. Please watch for the CROP team announcement on your community mailing lists. This announcement will give more details about how to coordinate with CROP team to begin using the program.

We are pleased to be able to continue to support the community's regional outreach activities for FY19. We look forward to your feedback at the end of this fiscal year so that we may continue to improve the program in line with the community's budgeting priorities in future years.


Sally Costerton

Sally Costerton

Sr. Advisor to President & SVP, Global Stakeholder Engagement and Interim President & CEO
David Olive

David Olive

SVP, Policy Development Support & Managing Director - Washington, D.C.