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Factsheet: IPv6

25 October 2007
By Kieren McCarthy

It’s been a long while since we posted a factsheet – a clear guide to a technical subject written in plain English. Today we publish one on a very technical, but very important subject: IPv6.

Internet Protocol version 6 is important for the Internet’s continued expansion for future generations. The number of free address under the existing IPv4 system are rapidly running out. What Internet engineers *do* know, however, is that IPv6 provides a solution by offering a mind-boggling number of IP addresses, that should see us well into the future. The difficulty of course is that this is a technical subject but it requires non-technical people to understand it.

This factsheet on IPv6 is very far from an authoritative text on this matter. It is barely even an introduction. But it is a start and we hope it will get people interested in the issue. Read and enjoy.


Kieren McCarthy