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Demystifying the Root Zone

9 July 2014

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In our interactions with a wider community of Internet users and evolving set of participants and decision makers, ICANN's Global Stakeholder Engagement team often meets with people who ask how the Internet and the Domain Name System works. To help address this need for a basic overview, a cross-organizational team along with our creative partners at XPLANE, developed an infographic to explain the role of the root zone, how it is managed, maintained and secured. This infographic was previewed with small groups of stakeholders during the ICANN 50 meeting in London, and now we are making this first version more widely available for information and awareness.

I know there must be a balance in presenting technical concepts in a readable, cohesive manner to the satisfaction of a technical audience and ICANN's expert community while delivering information that is accessible and educational to a more general audience. We think we have achieved that.

If you have questions or concerns about the infographic, please contact me directly (patrick.jones@icann.org). I would also like to thank those who provided input and feedback on earlier versions of the infographic. This should be a useful addition to the materials available about the root zone and its role in the Domain Name System. Our next step is to make language translations of this infographic.

Patrick Jones is Senior Director, Global Stakeholder Engagement at ICANN


Patrick Jones

Patrick Jones

VP, Global Stakeholder Engagement