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Update on Termination of Red Registrar

25 September 2009

This is an update to the advisory posted on 15 September 2009 regarding the termination of ICANN’s accreditation agreement with registrar Red Register, Inc. http://www.icann.org/en/announcements/announcement-15sep09-en.htm

To protect registrants, ICANN initiated a process to identify a qualified and accredited registrar to take over management of the domain names formerly managed by Red Register, Inc. through a bulk transfer. Updated information on this process is provided below.

ICANN has solicited bids from several potential receiving registrars who have expressed interest in acquiring the domain names formerly under management by Red Register, Inc.

The bids are being reviewed by ICANN and a decision is expected by 30 September 2009.

Additional guidance on three previous FAQs is provided below for registrants who may be affected by this action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I have domain names with a registrar that lost its accreditation, will I lose my domain names?

A. No. ICANN is undertaking efforts to ensure that names are transferred to a successor registrar before any are deleted due to expiration. In the event any names are deleted by registries prior to the bulk transfer, they will be maintained in a redemption period for 30 days and will be redeemable through the receiving registrar. Two-letter country-code (ccTLD) names, such as dot-in and dot-us, are not affected by this process.

Q. How long will it take ICANN to identify someone to receive the domain names?

A. We expect to identify a qualified registrar to receive Red Register’s domain names by 30 September 2009. However, the process of identifying a qualified registrar and completing the transfer of registration information may, on occasion, take longer than expected. ICANN will post a notice on its website when a qualified registrar has been identified.

Q. My domain name with my registrar was about to expire. How can I make sure it does not get lost in the transfer?

A. ICANN has requested registries not to delete names while a receiving registrar is being identified. In the event any names are deleted by registries prior to the bulk transfer, they will be maintained in the redemption grace period for 30 days, and will be redeemable through the successor registrar.