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Update on November 2001 ICANN Meeting

21 October 2001

In the past few days, ICANN has made some new postings in connection with the 12-15 November ICANN meeting in Marina del Rey, which will focus on "Security and Stability of the Internet Naming and Address Allocation Systems."


The preregistration form has now been posted:


Pre-registration will be required of all attendees at the ICANN meeting. Attendees will have to show a picture identification when picking up their registration badges, which will be required for entry to all meeting areas.

Program Committee

An informal program committee has been asked to assist with the planning of the schedule and agenda for the November meeting. ICANN is grateful for the group's willingness to contribute to the November meeting effort on such short notice. If you have comments or suggestions for speakers, panelists, workshop topics, etc., please forward them to <meeting@icann.org>, or to any member of the program committee.

Schedule and Agenda

A distinct schedule and agenda page has been posted. This page will be updated regularly as the schedule gets finalized. The basic elements of the program are as follows:

12 November 2001 (Monday)

  • Non-security-focused meetings of ICANN's various constituent organizations
  • Public forum on ICANN At Large

13 November 2001 (Tuesday)

  • Keynote speakers
  • Plenary panels
  • Break-out sessions for all attendees

14 November 2001 (Wednesday)

  • Parallel sessions
    • Tutorials
    • Workshops
  • Constituent-focused working meetings for registries, registrars, ISPs, etc.

15 November 2001 (Thursday)

  • ICANN Public Forum on DNS security/stability
    • Reporting session
    • Open mike
    • ICANN Board meeting
  • Open mike on all other matters
  • ICANN Board meeting on other matters

Over the coming weeks, as the program committee and the various ICANN constituent organizations finalize their agendas (such as defined meeting deliverables), the blanks in the program will be filled, and the names of speakers and panelists announced. The meetings are intended to give all attendees the ability to contribute and learn through structured interactions with experts and other members of the global Internet community.