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Travel Support

25 March 2009

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A public comment period has opened today for 30 days on the topic of travel support.

Last year, ICANN created travel procedures to clarify which members of the ICANN community were to receive travel support for that fiscal year (2009). At the same time, it was announced that they would be reviewed after the first year of use.

As well as that review commitment, ICANN has received diverse feedback from across the community for improving the procedures. That feedback covered a number of topics: level of support; what costs covered and did not cover (e.g. food, Internet access); booking travel; and visas, among others.

This comment period is intended to gather further feedback before revised procedures are introduced into the FY2010 budget for approval at the Sydney meeting in June.

A presentation on ICANN travel support was provided at the ICANN Mexico City meeting in which the purpose of the travel support and insights gathered from the current year's experiences were discussed. Links to the materials produced for that meeting and a transcript are provided below.

The public comment period will close on 24 April 2009. If you wish to send in a comment, email travel-support-2010@icann.org. All comments can be viewed at http://www.icann.org/en/public-comment/public-comment-200904.html#travel-support-2010.

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