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The Internet Academy Lecture Project in Poland Kicks Off

30 March 2016

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The Internet Academy is offering free lectures on various Internet-related topics for anyone who is interested in the Internet.

ICANN is supporting this project, which assembles Polish experts on the internet. The project is endorsed by and operates under the Auspices of the Polish Ministry for Digitization.

Learn more:
Website http://internetacademy.pl
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/InternetowaAkademia

We hope to see you there!


Time: 17:30–19:30
Place: University of Warsaw University (BUW), ul. Dobra 56/66, room 25

19 April 2016

Managing the Web Presence
Dr. Kamil Sitarski, Faculty of Management, Warsaw University of Technology

Human Rights on the Internet
Dr. Joanna Kulesza, Department of International Law and International Relations, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Lodz

10 May 2016

Shutting Down a Power Station Through the Internet: A Case Study from the Ukranian-Russian War
Miroslaw Maj, Cybersecurity Foundation

Online Violations of the Employee's Privacy and the Secrecy of Correspondence
Artur Piechocki, AP Law Firm

24 May 2016

.berlin, .auto, .fish, .money. New Top-Level Domains on the Internet: How They Are Created, When and How to Obtain Your Own
Gabriella Schittek, Manager of Global Stakeholder Engagement, ICANN

"I Have Nothing to Hide." Is Your Privacy Worth Protecting?
Michal "Czesiek" Czyzewski, Warsaw Hackerspace

7 June 2016

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights on the Internet
Michal Chodorek, KONDRAT & Partners

Is the Internet Centrally Controlled? How the Web Is Centralized and How to Decentralize It Again
Michal "Rysiek" Wozniak, Polish Linux Users Group