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Supporting New gTLD Applicants, Including Those From Developing Economies

19 September 2011

This program seeks to facilitate partnerships with those seeking assistance in launching a new gTLD with those in the community able and eager to provide assistance. These partnerships can play an important role in achieving a new gTLD Program goal of increasing global diversity and participation in the Domain Name System.

ICANN is launching a program where established organizations can apply to operate a generic top-level domain (gTLD) of their choosing. Operating a gTLD is a technology based service comprised of many requirements and expenses, e.g., acquiring equipment, establishing operations, hiring and training staff and providing customer service. Some entities planning to apply for and operate a TLD may seek technical or financial information or assistance to facilitate establishment of a new registry.

The ICANN community is rich with talented, experienced and resourced participants who may be interested in helping others who seek such assistance. ICANN is seeking to facilitate cooperation among those entities seeking to establish a gTLD registry that serves the public interest and those entities willing and able to provide assistance to those entities. This page is intended to establish connections across both types of organizations by providing a “landing” page, where entities can state whether they are seeking or able to provide assistance. The page will contain contact information so that parties may contact one another. While applicants from developing countries are encouraged to participate, no applicants will be disqualified from participating based on location.

The Internet community is strongly urged to pass this information along to interested parties.

Program Information

For new gTLD applicants, including those from developing economies, who seek assistance to set up a new gTLD registry, this page can provide a connection to organizations interested in providing such assistance.

Here you will find links to two work spaces:

  1. New gTLD applicants seeking assistance in meeting the requirements of the new gTLD program.

  2. Organizations interested in assisting applicants with pro bono work, in-kind support or grants.

Note: This page is not intended to market third party consulting services nor future gTLD applicants or extensions. The lists of participants are composed through a self-electing process and are not validated nor endorsed by ICANN. ICANN provides no warranties and takes no responsibility for the quality, legitimacy, or connection between the parties.

Examples of the types of non-financial support organizations can provide include:

  • New gTLD Program application writing and application process
  • Logistical assistance
  • Technical help
  • Legal and filing support
  • Registry back-end services
  • Infrastructure or advice for providing IPv6 compatibility; IPV6 compatible hardware/networks
  • DNS services
  • IDN implementation support
  • DNSSEC consulting
  • Translations
  • Training – in areas like building a sustainability plan, marketing, and operations.

Organizations offering to provide assistance should give a specific description of the kind of support offered so as to better inform candidates as to the types of assistance available.

Organizations participating in this space have the responsibility to keep all the information up to date and can request update via e-mail to candidate-support@icann.org. If a party wants to withdraw the name from website, needs to formally request via email to candidate-support@icann.org.

This initiative is part of the Applicant Support Program that is currently under development. More details will be available soon.

As the launch of the New gTLD Program is scheduled for January 2012, organizations that wish to be part of this Directory should submit information as soon as possible.


  • The Applicant Support listings are a free community service facilitated by ICANN. ICANN does not control the content or third party site links in any listing and does not endorse or support any organization listed. Listing information may not be current or up to date.
  • We encourage all users to exercise care when dealing with any listed organization. Please check our FAQs for more details about the directory. You may report any suspicious listing or behavior to candidate-support@icann.org.
  • A complete list of terms and conditions may be found on the Directory Submission Form

Enroll now as one of the following:
Applicant seeking pro bono assistance 
Provider of pro bono assistance

For the Applicant Support Directory go here.

For information about the New gTLD Program, go here.