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Implementation of Internationalized Top Level Domains

14 September 2005

A full-day IDN workshop will be held during the ICANN meeting in Vancouver. This workshop will build on discussions concerning deployment of internationalized top level domains that occurred during the IDN workshop in Luxembourg.

ICANN is issuing this formal call for papers to those who wish to actively participate in the sessions on internationalized top level domain deployment. Presentations should last 15-25 minutes, with time for questions from the floor. Papers should be submitted by 15 November 2005.

The Luxembourg IDN workshop described opportunities associated with the deployment of internationalized TLDs (sometimes described as "idn.idn").

The Vancouver workshop will focus on various topics, including:

  • Identifying and assessing IDN TLD implementation issues, and
  • Potential risks of IDN TLD deployment to a global interoperable Internet.

All interested parties are invited to provide suggestions for topics and questions that should be addressed during the workshop, to the IDN-Vancouver Discussion Forum (see below).

Discussion in the on-line forum below is also open for the review of the following documents. These documents are focused on the implementation of IDNs at the top level.

If you wish to submit a paper or have documents regarding deployment of internationalized top level domains posted here for review please contact Tina Dam, ICANN's Chief gTLD Registry Liaison.

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