IDN TLDs - LGR‬ Procedure Implementation - Guidelines for Designing Script-Specific Label Generation Rules (LGR) - Now Open for Public Comment

15 January 2015

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Forum Announcement: Comment Period Opens on Date: 15 January 2015
Categories/Tags: Internationalized Domain Names, IDN, IDN TLD, IDN Variant TLD, new gTLD, IDN ccTLD
Purpose (Brief):

ICANN is releasing for public comments a set of documents that present an overview of the tasks of a Generation Panel. These include:

  • Guidelines [PDF, 946 KB] and Considerations [PDF, 193 KB] for designing script-specific Label Generation Rules (LGR) for integration into the root zone,
  • A summary of the Requirements [PDF, 198 KB] on format and contents for submitting an LGR proposal.

The overview and guidelines are based on the prescription in the "Procedure to Develop and Maintain Label Generation Rules (LGR) for the Root Zone With Respect to IDN Labels" [PDF, 772 KB] (the Procedure) and are intended to supplement the Procedure, not to replace it as the authoritative prescription of the process. Community members are invited to provide feedback.

Public Comment Box Link: https://www.icann.org/public-comments/lgr-guidelines-2015-01-15-en