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IDN Program Status Report

18 June 2007

In preparation for the San Juan meeting and to provide better insight into the plan for the eventual deployment of internationalized top-level labels, ICANN released today a status report describing IDN Program activities. To facilitate project management, IDN activities have been split into separate and independent projects. These projects are: IDN Technical Tests and Evaluations, IDN Security Study (SSAC), IDN Guidelines, IDN Repository, IDN Policy Development, IDN Protocol Review and Revisions (IETF), IDN Outreach, and IDN TLD Deployment. The status report is available here.

Several IDN activities are planned for the San Juan meeting.

A glossary over IDN terminology can be found at: http://www.icann.org/topics/idn/idn-glossary.htm

Additional information about IDN activities is available at the IDN area of ICANN's website.