ICANN Public Comment Proceeding: Root Zone Update Process Study

14 March 2022

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We Need Your Input!

The objectives of the Root Zone Update Process Study were to:

  • Investigate whether there is a need to increase the robustness of the operational arrangements for making changes to the root zone content, and if so, how.
  • Identify any single points of failure that may exist.
  • Offer recommendations on how to reduce or eliminate them, should they exist.

The study was focused on the processing of change requests to the Domain Name System (DNS) root zone. The study provider looked for opportunities to improve the overall architecture and process along several dimensions: efficiency, robustness, conformance to policies established by the ICANN community, and confidentiality.

ICANN org requests community review of the initial version of the study.

Proposals for Your Input:

Root Zone Update Process Study


In April 2020, ICANN org announced a request for proposal to find a contractor to perform the Root Zone Update Process Study called for in the IANA transition proposal as described above. An international consortium led by JAS Global Advisors (ICJ) was selected, following ICANN org's standard procurement process. The team worked closely with ICANN org (the IANA Functions Operator staff) and in consultation with Verisign (the Root Zone Maintainer) staff to gather information required to perform the study. The team also surveyed many top-level domain (TLD) operators, as described in the study.

ICANN org is interested in the community's feedback on the study, hence this Public Comment.

Next Steps:

ICANN org and the study provider will prepare a final version of the study after reviewing community feedback from this Public Comment.

Supporting Information:

Proposal to Transition the Stewardship of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Functions from the U.S. Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) to the Global Multistakeholder Community

Request for Proposal for Root Zone Update Process Study


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