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ICANN Posts Proposed Registry Agreement for Designation of the .ASIA Registry

28 July 2006

On 18 July 2006, ICANN's Board of Directors approved the posting for public comment of the proposed registry agreement between ICANN and DotAsia Organisation Limited. If approved by the ICANN Board, the agreement (Appendices) would designate DotAsia as the registry operator for the newly designated .ASIA registry. Additional information regarding the .ASIA application can be found at: http://www.icann.org/tlds/stld-apps-19mar04/.

The proposed .ASIA registry agreement follows the format of other recent sTLD registry agreements negotiated by ICANN. Specifically, the agreement is for an initial ten year term, and provides for the same set of requirements for:

  • implementation of and compliance with consensus and temporary policies;

  • comprehensive registry data escrow; and

  • approval of new registry services and modifications to existing registry services.

The proposed agreement with DotAsia also provides for presumptive renewal, with the terms of any subsequent agreement negotiated with DotAsia for the continued operation of the .ASIA registry to be reasonably modified to be comparable to the terms of the five most comparable TLDs (or such lesser number, if less than five shall be reasonably comparable), provided that fee increases are not to exceed the average of the percentage increase in registry fees for the comparable TLD group within the prior three years.

Fees to ICANN under the proposed registry agreement for .ASIA would be transactional only, and would be set at US$0.75 for each annual increment of an initial or renewal domain name registration within the .ASIA registry.

Comments on the proposed agreement can be posted to asia-tld-agreement@icann.org no later than 5:00PM PDT, 31 August 2006 and viewed at http://forum.icann.org/lists/asia-tld-agreement.