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ICANN Posts Proposed 2007-08 Budget (Version 1)

17 May 2007

Updated 23 May 2007

In accordance with its bylaws, ICANN today posted the Proposed Budget for fiscal year 2007-08 [PDF, 157K] and reposted version 1 on 5/23/07 [PDF, 245K] with minor modifications in descriptive text not affecting revenue or expenses. ICANN will hold a series of consultations and take public comment on this budget through the ICANN meeting in San Juan 23-29 June 2007. The budget and amendments made in response to the consultation will be submitted to the ICANN Board for consideration at its meeting in San Juan on 29 June 2007. Comments to the budget can be made to budget-0708@icann.org and viewed at http://forum.icann.org/lists/budget-0708/.