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ICANN Draft FY16 Operating Plan & Budget

18 March 2015

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Forum Announcement: Comment Period Opens on Date: 18 March 2015
Categories/Tags: Planning, Operating Plan, Budget, FY16
Purpose (Brief):

Join us in creating ICANN's annual operating plan and budget for FY16, which describes planned activities for the year ahead (from 1 July 2015- 30 June 2016). These activities are based on ICANN's strategic objectives, fiscal year priorities and community input as defined by the Five-Year Operating Plan (FY2016- FY2020). The draft FY16 Operating Plan and Budget document will be available for public comments for 43 days - until 1 May 2015.

ICANN seeks and welcomes community input on all elements of the draft FY16 Annual Operating Plan & Budget. The Plan is structured to implement ICANN's Strategic Plan, and is divided into five strategic objectives and 16 strategic goals. These are implemented through a series of portfolios, projects and initiatives, each of which has a defined budget and KPIs against which success can be measured.

ICANN Staff will review the comments received and the suggested responses with the  Board Finance Committee prior to finalization of the Operating Plan & Budget. Final Board approval is tentatively scheduled for 20 June 2015. A full FY16 planning calendar is published on ICANN's planning portal at: https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/opplan-budget-calendar-fy16-10nov14-en.pdf [PDF, 348 KB]

Draft documents:

  • Draft FY16 Operating Plan and Budget [PDF, 26 MB] and [DOCX, 2.8 MB] - this document provides an overview of the FY16 budget, and the Operating Plan consisting of descriptions for goals, objectives, and portfolios.
  • FY16 Projects by project [PDF, 573 KB] and [XLSX, 79 KB]: use this document to view the projects that contribute to each project.
Public Comment Box Link: https://www.icann.org/public-comments/op-budget-fy16-2015-03-18-en