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Global Policy for Autonomous System Numbers

21 September 2010

The ICANN Board Executive Committee, on behalf of the ICANN Board, has ratified the Proposed Global Policy for Autonomous System Numbers, as sent by the Address Supporting Organization (ASO) Council to the ICANN Board on 22 July 2010. The proposal was posted for public comment from 23 July 2010 through 13 August 2010. No comments stating opposition to the Proposed Global Policy were received. The Global Policy modifies the existing Global Policy for Autonomous System Numbers by extending the period during which the RIRs can operate two separate pools of numbers until 31 December 2010, from the 31 December 2009 date stated in the prior version of the Global Policy. An Autonomous System Number (ASN) is a number used to uniquely identify a network connected to more than one other network that also controls its own routing policy. The Global Policy supports the introduction of 32-bit ASNs with a timeline during which RIRs can operate distinct pools of 16-bit and 32-bit ASNs. ICANN staff will be taking all necessary steps to implement the Global Policy.