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Draft IDN Guidelines, v.2.2 for Public Comments

11 May 2007

Draft IDN Guidelines v.2.2 [PDF, 49K]
إرشادات تطبيق أسماء النطاقات الدولية إصدار 2.2 [PDF, 133K] (Draft IDN Guidelines v.2.2 - Arabic)
Directives de mise en oeuvre des noms de domains Internationalisés, Français [PDF, 45K] (Draft IDN Guidelines v.2.2 - French)
Lineamientos para la implementacion de nombres de dominio internacionalizados, Español [PDF, 225K] (Draft IDN Guidelines v.2.2 - Spanish)
推行国际化域名的指导方针 版本号2.2 0.03 版草案 [PDF, 133K] (Draft IDN Guidelines v.2.2 - Chinese)

This is the first version of the IDN Guidelines to make specific reference to IDN in top-level labels. It is anticipated to be amended and supplemented in subsequent drafts in preparation for the release of internationalized top-level labels in the production environment.

Comments are encouraged and welcomed and can be viewed at http://forum.icann.org/lists/idn-guidelines/ and submitted to idn-guidelines@icann.org.