ccNSO Launching Group - Call for Expressions of Interest

9 July 2003

Updated 17 December 2003

At the 26 June 2003 ICANN Board adopted the amendments to the bylaws under resolution 03.106, as shown in Appendix A to the Board Minutes.

The full text of the bylaws (redlined to show changes agreed to in Montreal) can be found at: <http://www.icann.org/minutes/minutes-appa-26jun03.htm>.

In adopting the amendments to the bylaws, the Board also adopted called for the formation of the Launching Group.

Under Resolution 03.108, the Board hereby requests the nine ccTLD members of the ccNSO Assistance Group to call for an additional six members to join with the nine ccTLD members of the Assistance Group to form a launching group for the ccNSO ("Launching Group"), the membership of which Launching Group shall be identified in writing to the Secretary within thirty days following the adoption of these resolutions;

The Board further resolved that the Launching Group:

"shall have authority to solicit additional ccTLD managers to join with the members of such Launching Group to eventually comprise the ccNSO, which shall be deemed constituted once thirty members have joined;" (Resolution 03.109)

"shall also have the authority to establish a schedule and procedures for the selection of the initial ccNSO Council;"(Resolution 03.110)

"shall not have the authority (a) to initiate a ccPDP or (b) otherwise engage in development of substantive policies, or (c) select on behalf of the ccNSO any director or observer or other participant in any ICANN body." (Resolution 03.111)

On 9 July there was a call for expressions of interest for the following number of additions from the following regions to the Launching Group:

1 from Asia Pacific
1 from Europe
2 from North America
2 from Africa

Expressions of interest were received, and the initial 9 members of the Launching Group identify the following additional 6 members. The Launching Group has based its identification on the candidates put forward, and regional recommendations.

The additional 6 members are:

1 from Asia Pacific: Peter Dengate Thrush (.nz) (as put forward by APTLD region)
1 from Europe: Olivier Guillard (.fr) (as put forward by CENTR and non-CENTR European members)
2 from North America: Jeff Neuman (.us) and Dotty de Blanc (.vi) (expressions of interest received from North America region)
2 from Africa: Yann Kwok (.mu) and Dr Paulos B Nyirenda (.mw) (as recommended for the Africa region)

Kind regards,

ccTLD members from the ccNSO Assistance Group

Bart Boswinkel
Chris Disppain
Demi Getschko
Alf Hansen
Hiro Hotta
Pierre Ouedraogo
Patricio Poblete
Oscar Robles
Bernard Turcotte