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Call for Proposals to Host 2003 ICANN Meetings

31 July 2002

ICANN is actively soliciting proposals from organizations seeking to host the three ICANN meetings scheduled to be held in 2003. The meetings are targeted for the following dates and regions:

  • March 2003 - Latin America
  • June 2003 - North America
  • October/November 2003 - Africa

A description of what the proposals should contain is posted on ICANN's Request for Proposals to Host ICANN Meetings page, which gives detailed information on:

The deadline for proposals for the first two meetings is 31 August 2002. The deadline for proposals to host the meeting to be held in Africa is 30 September 2002. Organizations considering submitting a proposal may submit any questions about the specifications or other aspects of the call for proposals at <meeting@icann.org>.